With SAM we built a cutting edge analytics platform for sensor monitoring

But most importantly, we have codified a vast body of domain specific knowledge to create successful solutions for real and industry specific problems:

  • Knowledge about the assets and processes in specific industries. What do they do, how do they work, and more importantly: how do they break? This means we have (semi) standardized solutions for most common processes, and we develop new standardized solutions everyday.

  • Knowledge about sensors and its applications in specific industries. We have developed standardised data ingestions and processing for almost all possible sensor types. We know what the data should look like, how to recognize (upcoming) problems and detect issues like sensor creep.

Quick realistic demo based on your own data

We can quickly configure our platform to your specific situation and needs, with the highest chance of success and without the costs of a made to measure solution. This means you can experience the actual meaning of ‘AI’ and predictive maintenance and see if succesfull implementation of AI solutions for your assets is possible.

Components of the platform

We aim to deliver an end-to-end solution for processing your sensor data. Using the building blocks below, we taylor a solution for your use case.




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Martijn Minderhoud
Business Consultant

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The SAM platform is already being used in projects, but it is still under development. Curious about cases or need more info? We would like to send you more information.