Achieving excellent results together

At Ynformed, graduates develop an implementable solution for one of our clients. As a graduate, you are part of our team and collaborate closely with one of our project leaders.

As you work on your graduation project, you are part of our organisation. That means you also get to attend our weekly start-up meetings, among other things.

In our experience, this is a highly successful method: our graduates achieve excellent results. Depending on your research, we can offer you a great internship and travel allowance.

If you are interested in this wonderful position,
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Working with talents to develop your talent

We are looking for enterprising graduates who are interested in working as part of a team of talented professionals with diverse backgrounds. In particular, we are eager to meet with students of business analytics, computer science, econometrics, applied mathematics and new media.

Of course, the technical projects you work on require excellent analytical skills, but your social skills are just as important. Your assignments tie in closely with questions from our clients. That means you will regularly meet with these clients and guide them on the way to a solution.

Currently all of our graduation projects are fulfilled. If you come up with a genius idea for graduation project, please contact Theodor via the form on the right.

Ynformed uses data science to help organisations resolve social issues. If you meet the aforementioned requirements and would like to help us realise our goals, you can contact Theodor by filling out the form below or sending an email to: to get to know us and your new position even better.

“As a graduate, I quickly felt part of the team and I was immediately invited to take part in meet-ups, nerd sessions and hackathons.”

Fenno Vermeij – Data scientist at Ynformed

Five important core values that determine who we are


A closer look at your (future) colleague


Our team produces short vlogs to make the field of data science easier to understand and more accessible. In this two-minute vlog, our colleague Ruben Peters explains what the Classification data science model entails.

The result? Take a look at the video.